training (cohort one)

Starting in Winter 2016, the SalesCollider team is hosting an 8-week training engagement for selected founders.  

If you're interested in joining 8 other companies that are in your same boat... then this is what you've been looking for.

In our first training cohort we'll be hosting workshops to help founders learn sales process, how to win your first beta customers, hiring your team/finding your VP of Sales, and how to create a predictable sales process.  

Sound like what you're looking for?  Then please use the form below to tell us more about your company.  If there is a good fit, we'll contact you to set up a brief interview with one of our team.  

We'd love to work with everyone interested (that's what our quarterly meet ups are for), but this experience will be curated trainings and talks  shaped around the companies in the cohort.  If you'd like to be included in our next cohort please fill the form below.  If its a good fit, we'll circle back with you.

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If you haven't defined your ICP yet, this is a great chance to get it down on paper.
Who on your team is responsible for sales? Do you have dedicated sales reps? SDRs? Tell us about how you are currently staffed. What percentage of sales meetings are run by founders?
Answer yes if you plan to have a VP of Sales before January 30, 2016.
Tell us about your product. What do you want people to buy from you.