Walk Before You Run

When I discovered CoFounder Magazine last year at the Digital Freedom Festival, I knew I had to get involved.  Smart founders, setting up a magazine in a digital age.  They're digital too, have a podcast, cool website, etc.. .but Tarmo and team also have a real mag, with pages to flip through.  By the time I had finished my copy, my flight had made it over the Baltic Sea, I was well on my way home, but still hooked.  

I was honored that a few weeks later the team had accepted my contribution for this month's book.  You can check out my article re-posted below, but you really should be subscribing

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How to Find (More) B2B Customers This Year

As a B2B startup, finding your initial customers will be one of the biggest challenges you face.  Or, if you already have a handful of clients, figuring out how to grow your customer base can be just as difficult. 

Those of us working in the B2B space can have a particularly tough time finding new customers. The B2B sales process, after all, is usually much more complex than just a simple transaction.  This means that there are a number of additional factors you need to consider when going after sales targets.  

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De-Risk Your Sales Process with Better Hiring

As a sales guy, I’m pretty familiar with the various negative stereotypes of salespeople that exist out there in the world.  When many people hear the word “salesman”, after all, their brain immediately conjures up the classic image of a skeezy guy with a bad suit standing on a used car lot.  They picture a person with shifty intentions doing whatever he needs to do and saying whatever he needs to say to get the customer into a car and off the lot so he can move onto his next victim.

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Turning Your First 5 Customers Into 50 [Video]

I’m always super appreciative when I’m invited to speak at a conference like this, as startup founders are some of my favorite people in the world.  They’re driven, passionate and working really hard to get their businesses rolling.  

One of my goals is to help founders by equipping them with the tools they need to grow.  I don't mean helping handing them sales productivity software, either.  While sales software is great for larger companies, most founders just aren’t there yet....

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