SalesCollider Events

 Designing the sales process - The Revenue Roadmap Workshop - Mexico City, 2017

Designing the sales process - The Revenue Roadmap Workshop - Mexico City, 2017

SalesCollider events and workshops are the best way for founders to learn quickly how to launch their sales organizations.  From finding your Ideal Customer Profile to creating sales process, we'll work through these challenges and more in the workshop environment.  Our meet up events are more casual and bring a high caliber speaker to meet our founders and discuss go to market strategies.

The Sales Intensive 

(5 Day Workshop - Location Varies)


This 5 -day workshop is the best place to start for a founding team who wants to make sure that they are starting off on the right foot with sales.  We organize the week around building The Revenue Roadmap for your startup so every participant leaves with a clear deliverable and structured plan on how to do sales for their startup.  During the week participants take a deep dive into additional key concepts (such as hiring, managing teams, and advanced metrics) with mentors and sales leaders from Silicon Valley. 

This workshop is organized into the five topics that are essential for building The Revenue Roadmap for your startup (including sales process, customer identification, building a team, identifying sales challenges and customer success).  The event is organized in such a way that a founder with no experience in sales can leave with a structured plan to start selling the next day. 

The Revenue Roadmap

(1-2 day workshop - Location Varies)

The SalesCollider mentors and team offer a regular speaker series at conferences, corporate events, VC Firms and accelerators around the world.  Typically we focus on one of the topic areas from The Revenue Roadmap, but we can customize this content depending on audience industry, stage or special requests.

The Speaker Series

(1-2 hour workshops or presentations)


This is the event where it all started in 2015.  The question was asked "what would happen if founders had the same access to sales training that was offered to sales reps in big organizations" and the answer was clear.  A community of driven founders formed around regular meet ups to soak up the experience of tenured startup executives and investors who have been down the path before. 

The MeetUp

(Evening meet ups - San Francisco & NYC)